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Here at CJRL we use timber for a wide range of bespoke garden features and structures. These range from Arches to Pergolas and Gazebos. Such features add character to your garden and are great to enjoy in the summer time.


Whether your goal is to transform your garden area, provide a safe place for your children and/or pets, block a noisy road or are just seeking more privacy, our professionals are experts that can help you create whatever you’re looking for.  

From steps up to a lawn to a wall seating area or for shelter or simply to frame an area, timber features and fencing can play an important part in any garden and are both decorative and functional.

They can introduce height and interest and depending on the materials used and can blend into the background or become a feature in their own right.

Wood fences are becoming more and more popular, and with today’s technological advances, it is easier than ever to choose a design and style you like to give the perfect fence that is aesthetically appealing and long lasting.


A lot of people prefer Timber Fencing and Gates because of its natural, appealing appearance, from charming white picket fences to more contemporary looks. There are a wide variety of choices as well to choose from and an array of colours and finishes as well.

Our expert timberwork services include:

  • Custom boundaries

  • Timber plant pots

  • Bespoke decking

  • Perimeter fencing

  • Garden arches

  • Gazebos

  • Pergolas

  • and more

Contact us if you have any questions regarding garden design, or book in for a FREE, no-obligation survey...

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