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We offer a variety of options to help our customers design and create the landscape they envision. The mixing of colours and textures with shapes and forms to produce a product that is aesthetically pleasing to the senses. This can help turn your home or business into the best looking piece of property in the area!


Soft Landscaping:

Whatever your needs, we can design a planting scheme suitable for your garden colour scheme that you require and choose the planting plan to suit your requirements.

Modular Outdoor Design:

Aside from offering to design and install basic Hard & Soft Landscaping we also offer our customers the option of adding Modular Outdoor Design (MOD) to their existing landscape. MOD has become a very popular addition to many peoples’ homes over the last few years including fireplaces, bars, outdoor kitchens (pizza ovens maybe) entertainment areas and landscape lighting.

Artificial Grass:

If you thought artificial grass was all bright green, scratchy and plastic-looking then, thankfully, you’d be mistaken.

Today’s artificial grass is so close to the real thing in appearance that it has become a truly viable alternative to natural grass in your garden or other exterior landscaping projects and your lawn will never suffer from unsightly brown patches in the summer or muddy puddles in the winter as well as being pet and child friendly.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding landscaping or call today for a FREE, no-obligation survey...

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